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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Oct 22, 2016No Comments857 Views

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the Republican platform is the so-called Pro-Life agenda that this party is shoving down the throat and up the

Lest We Forget 2008

Oct 20, 2016No Comments383 Views

We are so sick and tired of hearing how bad the economy is (it isn’t), how weak our military is (it’s larger and better equipped

Boy Talk

Oct 19, 2016No Comments633 Views

After listening to a tape of a Howard Stern radio show from 1999 featuring Donald Trump and his new wife Melania, we were struck by

Rape of Lucretia Still Resonates

Oct 14, 20161 Comment1800 Views

In the sixth century BC Rome was a small city ruled by kings, its poor subjugated and overworked in building projects instituted by the city’s

That Sickening Feeling

Oct 14, 20161 Comment1123 Views

Women all over this country have been jolted today by the revelations of the women who have come forward to talk about their experiences with

Lift Any Rock

Oct 12, 2016No Comments580 Views

It’s been shocking to see how many people in this country have continued to support Donald Trump no matter how dreadful his behavior, how crazy

Women As Leaders, Not BFFs

Oct 11, 2016No Comments542 Views

Dear American Women: If we hear another of you say, “But I don’t really like Hillary. She’s too stern, too serious…”we will scream. We’re not

The Trump Effect On Little Girls

Oct 10, 2016No Comments516 Views

Already we are getting reports of schoolgirls being bullied in the style of Donald Trump, being called “fat pigs” and worse, ridiculed for the way

Trouble At The Dascha

Oct 08, 2016No Comments468 Views

“Vladmir, Vladmir, why the long face?” “Didn’t you hear the Vice Presidential Debate the other night, Boris? That Pence guy called me, Vladmir Putin, a

Mike Pence–Future Adoption Czar?

Oct 05, 2016No Comments594 Views

Moderator: “Thank you for joining us here tonight, Governor Pence. I have to ask you about why you’re seeking the Vice Presidency of the United