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Winners l

Get Your Sh……Together?!

Aug 27, 20121 Comment2844 Views

KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles Sports Anchor Rebecca Hall drops “S-Bomb” on Live TV. Watch Video:

Lilly Who?

Apr 12, 2012No Comments539 Views FemaleOutrage is apolitical. We endorse no candidate. We do however, support gender equality. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was President Obama’s first piece


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Arizona Lets Doctors Lie

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Should Doctors Be Able to Lie to Patients? Arizona Republicans Say "Yes!" – Blogcritics Politics The great game of "I’m more conservative than you!" has

No More Bacon Boys

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Fatty Foods Linked to Poor Sperm Quality Fulltext Gentlemen, you may want to hold the bacon. A new study suggests that eating a high-fat diet

Just Ask Joey

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Get great advice on everything from love and relationships, to health and lifestyle. Ask Joey. He knows what’s up.

Crystal Wright Is Wrong

Jan 13, 2012No Comments634 Views Have you seen this woman on CNN or anywhere else? Rarely have I seen such an uninformed and by the way ridiculous commentator/analyst like

The Devil You Say

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How the Church Helped Turn ‘Devil Inside’ Into Mega-Hit – The Hollywood Reporter A clergy member played an unexpected role in Paramount’s marketing strategy for