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Shrinkrapper is a former psychologist, and a lifelong musician and political junkie.

Decent or Deplorable: The Great Divide

Jan 13, 2017No Comments1515 Views

How on earth did we get here? We are about to have a pathological liar as president, a man who very well may be a

Sequestration Blues

Mar 03, 2013No Comments1641 Views

So no one budged and we are going to cut government services, education, the military, health services for the poor, and on and on. Why?

What We Need In A Pope

Mar 03, 20131 Comment2346 Views

There are all sorts of surveys right now among Catholics world-wide concerning what the faithful should be looking for in the next Pope. How about

Job Opening At Vatican, Umbrella A Must

Feb 12, 20131 Comment5957 Views

So Pope Ratzinger the First can’t stand the heat enough to stay in the kitchen, eh? This is the same guy who made it possible

Screw The Bare Essentials

Dec 11, 20121 Comment953 Views

Please, please stop pushing those breathless design articles on us, the ones featuring trendy new 425 square foot apartments made from reconfigured elevator shafts. Don’t

Thoughts On The End Of The World

Nov 25, 20121 Comment894 Views

So the Aztec Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Does this portend the end of the world as we know it, or did the Aztecs

A Woman's Thanksgiving 2012

Nov 21, 2012No Comments814 Views

Even though women will be doing a good 95% of the Thanksgiving preparation again this year, there’s still plenty for us women to be thankful

Don't Let The Door Hit Ya'

Nov 19, 20122 Comments1220 Views

Please, please just go. We hear y’all, you Red State secessionists. You’re disgusted that you didn’t get a white man back in the White House

Would You Buy A Used Budget From This Man?

Nov 19, 20121 Comment684 Views

Today Paul Ryan, Republican VP hopeful and self-reporting marathon runner/walker, has been shoved into the national spotlight once again after a severe trouncing by American

John McCain's Hearing Problem

Nov 16, 20121 Comment705 Views

Senator John McCain (R-Angry) was all over the air waves yelling into the microphone yesterday during his umpteenth press conference in the past two days