Barbarians At The Gates

November 30, 2016

The Viking ships have entered the harbor. We’ve heard their battle cries, and we know what they’ve done in other places and in other times, yet we still have a bunch of idiots standing on the shore waving them in ecstatically. The village criers can only talk about how pretty the long boats’ striped sails are, how strange the dragon heads on their prows, and comment about how they’ve never seen anything quite like this heavily armed flotilla before. Some are even suggesting that those on shore “give them a chance to show what they intend to do.”

Never mind that this crew has pillaged and plundered for years, dedicated themselves to destroying every good thing that this rich and generous country has come to stand for, public education, affordable health care, women’s rights, personal liberty, immigrant rights, civil rights, the First Amendment, a social safety net, fair banking practices, LGBT rights…this crew is the greatest assemblage of villains this country has ever seen, led by no less than the biggest liar and huckster ever to sail into these waters. The uneducated, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-intellectual rabble gathered on the beach won’t understand that they will be the first to feel the war axes on their necks until the blood starts to flow.

Where have they come from, this demonic crew bent on the destruction of our country’s very way of life? For starters, a large number of them are from the ranks of Fox News contributors, that infamous den of liars and equivocators. Quite a number are from Goldman Sachs, the very bankers and “kings of bankruptcy” that the leader of this raiding party¬† denounced only months ago. There are members of the military so radical that they couldn’t remain in uniform, but now they find themselves back in the front lines of the advancing horde, relishing the opportunity to create social and political havoc. Then there are the racists, Neo-Fascists, anti-Semites, homophobes, anti-intellectuals, bigots, billionaire elites, and greedy suck-ups who have been dreaming of this opportunity to set our country back at least fifty years. There are the treasonous as well, waiting on shore to greet them, those who have promised to hand our country over to our enemies on a silver platter, hiding in plain sight among the sheep.

As for the rest of us anxiously watching from the nearby hilltops, the ones who clearly see the danger getting closer every hour, we must decide quickly whether to grab what belongings we can carry while shepherding those we love into the farthest hills and beyond, hoping to outrun the approaching devastation, or whether to stand and fight, resisting at all costs what is coming. Will it be a mighty battle, or will the slaughter at the waters’ edge and the groans of the ignorant masses become our new national anthem as this dark force sets fire to towns and villages throughout our land? Will those of us who can afford to leave remain to protect it, or will we at the last minute run like Hell? Right now it’s anybody’s guess.

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