Boy Talk

October 19, 2016

After listening to a tape of a Howard Stern radio show from 1999 featuring Donald Trump and his new wife Melania, we were struck by how Melania’s  behavior in that interview told all about her view of herself, the world, and her place in it. Stern instructed Donald to put his “hot wife” on the phone, and Trump eagerly complied. Moments later the Slovenian supermodel was ready to give the phone sex ladies a run for their money. When Stern told her she was just “so hot, really hot” her response was a purred, “Tank you.” When told to go put on her “hottest outfit, Melania” she once again purred, “Hokay.” When asked what she was wearing at that moment she flirtatiously answered, “Not much.”

On and on it went, Stern pushing the envelope, Trump all but pimping his wife, and Melania acting out the centerfold of the month part to a “T.” Can you imagine Nancy Reagan, or Laura Bush, or Michelle Obama doing this, or frankly, would their husbands have placed them in this position?  But Melania was perfectly comfortable with this, obviously enjoying the attention. It’s no wonder that she is able to casually accuse all the other women who have come forward with their accusations about Trump’s behavior, calling them all “liars,” and it’s easy to see why she thinks of her husband’s lewdness and admission of sexual aggression against women as “boy talk.” He has treated her like a high-priced call girl on public radio shows, and she has willingly played along. Perhaps that’s what has made their marriage work for them, her Playboy Bunny demeanor, but for strong, independent women who have taken their family life, education, and careers seriously while keeping their self-respect and their dignity, it just isn’t the way we roll.  Only a dumb bunny would have tried to pass off Michelle Obama’s speech as her own, and only a woman who plays the public role of  a sexual object for her husband’s smarmy gratification can fail to see that, for other women, her husband’s attentions are frightening, disgusting, demeaning, and possibly even illegal.

The media has suggested that Melania is Trump’s best character witness, but we have to ask, “Really? What character? Or perhaps, which character?” There isn’t much character to speak of between these two. Not really.

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