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Immigrants and Private Prisons

Feb 24, 20171 Comment2062 Views

Never has the expression “Follow the money” been more true than when assessing the actions of Donald J. Trump. You can’t count on much with

The Sorting of America

Jan 04, 2017No Comments1588 Views

One of the most painful things about this last election cycle was the way polls were taken, dividing Americans into the Black community, the White

That Putz Puzder

Dec 09, 2016No Comments887 Views

Oh, come on, Donald, you’re joking, right? Okay, maybe not. After giving us a woman who hates public education as head of the Dept. of

Our Sec”y Of State Prediction

Dec 08, 2016No Comments717 Views

Okay, it’s not going to be Mitt Romney. This was just an exercise in public humiliation, getting him to crawl on all fours to Trump