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The Loss Of White Entitlement

Oct 09, 2017No Comments768 Views

A remarkable interview appeared yesterday on a daily news show. A White Southern male holding a Confederate flag was defending his great-grandfather’s participation on the

The Sorting of America

Jan 04, 2017No Comments925 Views

One of the most painful things about this last election cycle was the way polls were taken, dividing Americans into the Black community, the White

The Pandemic of Dread

Dec 17, 2016No Comments1023 Views

I believe that we are indeed experiencing collective trauma, at least among our Progressive friends and colleagues. We arise every morning later than we ever

Secretary of Education Wants Child Labor La...

Nov 25, 2016No Comments1216 Views

Just when you thought Trump’s cabinet picks couldn’t get any worse, we have Betsy DeVos shoved down our collective craw as the new Secretary of