January 31, 2013

More housework, less sex for married men: study – FRANCE 24

More housework, less sex for married men: study – FRANCE 24

Sex should never be used as a “reward” it should be desired by both parties for the strength and longevity of their marriage. However, if your man steps up to the household-plate and takes an active role in all jobs around the house than that should be a clear indication of his intent for your happiness and a healthy sex life is a woman’s indication for the happiness of her husband. For years the common joke and stereotypes on television is that men are lazy and shun housework and only care about sex and fun masculine activities. Another mantra on television is that good men always finish last. Here is a perfect example of strong men answering the call of equal participation and receiving less sex. If this study has merit then what does that say about female hormone wiring and their desires of separate gender roles? Is this study suggesting that women want a man to be absent from the home and active in yard? Is it suggesting equality is less attractive? Does your husband play an active roll in the home? Are you more or less attracted to him?


  1. This study was my life. I don’t know why but when my husband worked early hours and was able to cook dinners, pick up the kids and clean the house we had less sex. It wasn’t intentional we just had less sex. Now he work normal hours and I’m a stay at home mom and we have rekindle a very active sex life.

  2. My man working gets me going. Inside the house or in the yard it’s doesn’t matter.

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