Immigrants and Private Prisons

February 24, 2017

Never has the expression “Follow the money” been more true than when assessing the actions of Donald J. Trump. You can’t count on much with this guy, but he is consistent in only this one area. Everything he does, or will do, is clearly to the financial benefit of himself, his family, and/or his billionaire donors.

Today he signed an executive order reversing Obama’s ban on using private prisons for federal detainees. The owners of private prisons have been among his largest donors, and although statistics on private vs. federally owned prisons clearly showed that there were more riots, abuses, and contraband in private prisons than in federally run institutions, he somehow decided that we would be using them again. Another benefit for the rich, of course, but there’s more. There’s always more with Donald J. Trump.

The immigration issue would seem to be primarily motivated by his associates in the white supremacist, alt-right community. We have Bannon and Breitbart, of course, and his new spokesperson Stephen Miller has been caught on camera giving the White Power hand signal after his speeches, but with Trump sheer bigotry is never the whole story. No, no. The eleven million brown-skinned immigrants who are currently being hounded and picked up on flights within the US, in raids of American businesses, and in their homes are the necessary fodder to fill those private prisons and increase the wealth of Trump’s billionaire prison owners, otherwise known as ‘generous donors.’

When the concentration camps were opened by the Nazis of Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s the gas chambers were built by already successful German companies who had been among Hitler’s biggest supporters. Mercedes Benz and Krups used Jewish slave workers in their factories, and those who ran the camps and death chambers created unimaginable wealth for themselves at the expense of millions of innocent lives. Jews were merely the units needed to create this wealth, and the already anti-Semitic populations of every country were given permission to grease the wheels of this nightmare by helping to isolate and round up those who were ‘different.’ They were skillfully manipulated to believe that this was merely a social movement, when in fact it was largely motivated by greed.

Slavery in this country was a lucrative business model for wealthy white plantation owners. Somehow these relatively few slave holders were able to convince the entire South, predominantly poor whites who had never owned a slave or even their own farmstead, to give their lives to defend this dreadful practice. Once they’d convinced them that dark-skinned people were less than human, less than any poor uneducated white person, it was easy. Today Trump supporters, who will never see a dime from for-profit prisons, are howling with glee at the very thought of sending their Mexican neighbors into them. Why? Because Trump has appealed to the delusions of superiority even the least educated white working class people often hold over brown people. It’s that simple. The ignorant and venal are easily manipulated by their need to feel superior and somehow cheated of their birthright, and Donald J. Trump is just the man to do it.

If the Republicans take a good look at what the Mexican immigrant community in America brings to the table, if they truly understand how important this particular type of  immigration is to this economy, they might have second thoughts. Who labors in our fields long hours for very little money so we can have affordable produce? Who takes care of our children, does heavy manual labor, and does the jobs most Americans are too proud and often too lazy to do? Their kids are often Dreamers, doing well in school, succeeding through hard work and innate abilities in ways that many entitled white kids aren’t. Ah, it’s nice to be told that your own beer-guzzling lazy kid isn’t in college because some Mexican kid is taking his place, right? We are being fed a line of bull puckey about immigrant crime rates, which are relatively low, and their drain on the system. These people pay taxes, they work hard, and get very little benefit from the state or federal government. Yes, they do send their kids to public schools, which is to everyone’s benefit. An educated population is a boon to any society and any economy. So why is Trump so eager to incarcerate them?

These people will soon become an incredible revenue stream for his donors, and somewhere along the line it will benefit Trump himself. In no way is this ban on immigration a safety or societal issue. No. Follow the money. Somehow it’s all going to end up in the pockets of billionaires and Donald J. Trump himself, and we will go down as the suckers, the cruel, the uncaring idiots who allowed it.


  1. Your are absolutely correct in your assessment! With him it’s several fold: it’s about the money; it’s about his popularity fix; it’s about the “class of people” he thinks are worthy — they look like him, have mostly Aryan backgrounds, and are wealthy — and restricted to men of course, not women. Trump wants little support for public education for two reasons. With education, people feel entitled to more equal treatment. They see a bigger world that includes a better life and heightened, more complete worlds for themselves and their families. It means they might have the tools to compete. They simply expect more. Who then will do the “menial” underpaid jobs? For the same reasons, he wants an underclass of workers, so no decent Department of Labor as well as no deent Department of Education. Ruin the labor laws, gut the enforcement of the few that remain and there is no recourse. Better yet, for him and his cronies, even non-immigrant people will revolt and then be arrrested — more folks to fill the corrupt prisons. Gut the EPA and you get quicker turn over with shorter, sicker lives. Gut the laws that protect common folks from venal banking (Dodd Frank) and a King of Foreclosure for Treasury Secretary, and the banks get bigger and regular folks own less, yet again, and will take any job for any pay. Afterall, they’re not worthy of being a part of the investment class. Finally, I think Trump literally, and I do mean literally, is sick in the head. Either he lies because he can — in the mind — out the mouth, he lies because he thinks no one remembers, he lies because he, himself doesn’t remember, or like a drunk driver who now drives the government, he just isn’t aware of what he’s doing. Either something on the world stage will be terrible and he will make it much worse in his stupid, venal reaction, or he will be utterly manipulated as Putin’s pawn. Gulags are next.

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