Invading Mexico

January 26, 2017

Okay, laugh if you must, but remember that Female Outrage was the first to tell you that Mitt Romney would not be Secretary of State, but would be humiliated in the press first. Oh, and that Rex Tillerson would be Trump’s choice for the post. And we predicted Trump’s win, and sadly were absolutely right.

Now, looking ahead and learning from the past, we see a fascistic demagogue who has just alienated our closest southern neighbor and trading partner. He’s claiming that Mexico isn’t cooperating and isn’t being “respectful” because their president cancelled his trip to Washington DC while refusing point blank to pay for an unnecessary and downright insulting wall.

Remember when Hitler invaded Poland? Hungary? Same rationale, that these border countries were being “uncooperative.” That’s all it took, folks, and in went the Nazis. Do we really think that Trump is any different? Never mind that so many of our auto parts are made in Mexico, that we get much of our produce from their farms, that we have so many American retirees and ex-pats living there, and that they are among our biggest trading partners. Trump has insulted the country, their President, and now demands payment for an un-negotiated wall that Mexico doesn’t want or need.

Is this going to be the justification for Trump to call up troops and cross into Mexico’s borderlands? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? No one believed that Hitler would cross into the Sudatenland either, but he did. Just remember that you read it here first.

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