Lift Any Rock

October 12, 2016

It’s been shocking to see how many people in this country have continued to support Donald Trump no matter how dreadful his behavior, how crazy his rants, how demagogic his plans, and on and on. These would have been the same people in the 1930’s who supported Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, make no mistake. Were we to be a hugely white majority nation comprised of the poorly educated, we would probably have reason to despair. Fortunately, the United States of America is home to an increasing number of the well-educated, middle class women, minorities, and a more outspoken LGBT community than ever before.

Still, it’s frightening to think that the person next to you in the supermarket may be a Trump supporter. The guy squeezing the tomato may also be the guy who thinks that grabbing a woman or girl by her private parts is perfectly okay and just a playful gesture, locker room stuff. The woman in aisle three may very well be voting for someone who she hopes will set up a Deportation department and send 11,000,000 people who have lived here all or most of their lives into detention camps, then into the deserts of Mexico. Worse still, it might be your cousin, or brother, or your own parents who are steadfastly loyal to the pathological Mr. Trump. They’re out there, these blind followers, and they vote. There’s passion behind the hatred and stupidity, and that’s what makes this group so dangerous to our democracy. Those of us who are still sane must get out the vote and prove to ourselves once and for all that the evils of Nazi Germany couldn’t happen here. Or could they?

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