New Job Interview For Women Only

October 3, 2016

job-interview-intro__1303750811_5965Thanks to Donald Trump, hiring criteria for female job applicants has changed virtually overnight.
“So, Ms. Smith, or should we say, Mrs. Smith, I see you have an MA in Business and graduated from Princeton at the top of your class. Has your husband ever cheated on you, and how many times?”
“Are you still married? How did you treat the ‘Other Woman’? Did you snub her at restaurants? Call her nasty names when describing her to your friends?”
“Did you stay with your husband and try to repair your marriage after you found out about his affairs? I’d call that being an ‘enabler.’ Wouldn’t you?”
“Tell you what, Mrs. Smith, I don’t think, based on your husband’s infidelity, that you’re qualified to work here in Bupkiss Shoes. I mean, if you couldn’t keep your man at home, how are you going to run a business? You seem like a nice enough girl though, so could you make me a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, and then send in the next male applicant on your way out?”


  1. Good point.

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