No Cougar For You

January 24, 2012

Utah School Board Says Cougar Mascot Too Offensive To Women « CBS Las Vegas

One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

It may be true that in today’s popular culture, that the term “Cougar” has a brand new meaning. But it still maintains its original meaning as well. And when most of us hear the word “Cougar”, we think of a large cat as opposed to an older woman trying to attract younger men.

Not so for principal Mary Bailey and The Canyons School District in Utah. They believe a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women. They overrode the student’s top choice of a cougar mascot for their school because they said it carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women. At the same time, the Washington State Cougars are selling personalized “Cougar” license plates to support their teams in conjunction with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Are we now so PC that team names and mascots must also bend to feminist pressure of the absurd? We sure hope Zippy the Kangaroo — mascot (female) of University of Akron doesn’t get benched as a flasher.


  1. Looking at both these pictures I can’t tell which creature lives in the wild.

  2. Something tells me that this isn’t her first pearl necklace. People are way to sensitive.

  3. Cougar is an offensive term?! Since the show sex in the city, being a cougar is a term of endearment. Real wild cougar are the one who should be offended.

  4. Woman today are trying to be more liberated.. but will removing the term Cougar really help them with equality.. broads today can really be uptight..

  5. I love this, brings back mermoies. Funny, but my ex-husband had a girlfriend named Donnae. Do not hear that name much. I went to a high school on Bascom Avenue, so she could be the same person! By the way, I was never expelled either and I absolutely loved the prom and senior ball.

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