Our Sec”y Of State Prediction

December 8, 2016

Okay, it’s not going to be Mitt Romney. This was just an exercise in public humiliation, getting him to crawl on all fours to Trump Tower and eat crow in front of reporters.

It’s not going to be Giuliani because he’s just a dog whistle to the conspiracy theorists and nut cases who supported Trump and hope to be represented on the cabinet. Don’t worry, guys. You already have a wacky fake news General and the head of Breitbart, so that’s covered.

It won’t be General Petraeus. There are already three Generals with cabinet jobs, and this guy’s got a parole officer following him all around. Do you really think the Dems in Congress would let him sit on the cabinet after the Republicans gave Hillary such a hard time over her email server? This guy actually did spill state secrets, so much as Trump might like him, and enjoyed trotting him out for the cameras to appease the knee-jerk flag-wavers, it ain’t gonna be him.

Let’s get this straight. It won’t be Bob Corker either. He has some political capital, but that’s not what Trump’s after. It has to be someone with money, power, and most of all someone who will please Big Oil and his Russian masters. That leaves Rex Tillerson, and that’s why he’s the logical choice here.

Rex Tillerson, CEO of EXXON Mobil, has ties to Russia dating back twenty years. He’s been awarded the Friendship Medal by Putin, considers Putin to be a buddy and vice versa, had put together a $500 billion dollar deal with Russian Oil to rape the Arctic Oil Reserves until President Obama bitch-slapped Russia with sanctions for going into Ukraine, quite a disappointment for all concerned. As the new Secretary of State he would be in the perfect spot to remove those sanctions and put the deal back on the table. The Koch Brothers would be oh so happy! Putin would be oh so happy too, and Trump would stand to make all kinds of hay with it. We may not know how right now, but we know he will.

So that’s our prediction, Rex Tillerson, a man who has never held any other job than working for EXXON but who will now be the most important man in the new administration, dealing with foreign policy about which he knows nothing. Then again, for Trump’s purposes, perhaps he knows just enough. Da!

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