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Sore Winners and Suckers

Dec 13, 2016No Comments940 Views

By now you’ve probably run into the ‘sore winner’ syndrome more than once. Not only has Donald Trump become President Elect because of the insanity of our country having an Electoral College rather than going by


That Putz Puzder

Dec 09, 2016No Comments886 Views

Oh, come on, Donald, you’re joking, right? Okay, maybe not. After giving us a woman who hates public education as head of the Dept. of Education, a guy who doesn’t believe in climate change as head


Our Sec”y Of State Prediction

Dec 08, 2016No Comments716 Views

Okay, it’s not going to be Mitt Romney. This was just an exercise in public humiliation, getting him to crawl on all fours to Trump Tower and eat crow in front of reporters. It’s not going


Why We Lost A Country

Dec 05, 2016No Comments682 Views

Did anyone here see “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd on MSNBC yesterday? Did anyone else almost put a foot through the screen when Chuck asked Hillary’s campaign manager Joel Benenson what he would do differently,


The Social Wall

Dec 03, 20161 Comment1932 Views

Trump promised to build a wall, and he certainly has. It isn’t the wall everyone thought, though, a physical wall between the U.S. and Mexico. No, it’s a wall between Progressives and the ignorant masses who


Barbarians At The Gates

Nov 30, 2016No Comments778 Views

The Viking ships have entered the harbor. We’ve heard their battle cries, and we know what they’ve done in other places and in other times, yet we still have a bunch of idiots standing on the


Chess With The Trumps

Nov 27, 2016No Comments874 Views

One thing we know for sure about people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that they are motivated as much by revenge as anything else. They have thin skins and long memories. The other thing we know,


Secretary of Education Wants Child Labor La...

Nov 25, 2016No Comments1957 Views

Just when you thought Trump’s cabinet picks couldn’t get any worse, we have Betsy DeVos shoved down our collective craw as the new Secretary of Education. What a sadistic joke. “Who is she?” you may well


The Thanksgiving Dilemma

Nov 19, 2016No Comments876 Views

Okay, so for the last umpteen years you’ve been hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for the family. Aunt Minne and Uncle Howie, a bunch of cousins, and Grandma along with her cigar-smoking boyfriend are fully expecting to pull


Women Must Say No To 1968

Nov 14, 2016No Comments670 Views

Remember 1968? No? Well, a lot of us do. We have children who are 48 years old because there was no birth control available to us, not birth control that worked, anyway. There was foam that