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Mike Pence–Future Adoption Czar?

Oct 05, 2016No Comments781 Views

Moderator: “Thank you for joining us here tonight, Governor Pence. I have to ask you about why you’re seeking the Vice Presidency of the United States, and qualifications you believe you possess that uniquely qualify you


Trouble In The Penthouse

Oct 04, 20161 Comment1237 Views

“Donald, what is this I’m seeing on CNN and MSNBC? We pay no taxes? Is true?” “Melania, Melania, don’t worry your pretty little, perfect 10 head with things you couldn’t possibly understand. They’re just saying that


New Job Interview For Women Only

Oct 03, 20161 Comment1405 Views

Thanks to Donald Trump, hiring criteria for female job applicants has changed virtually overnight. “So, Ms. Smith, or should we say, Mrs. Smith, I see you have an MA in Business and graduated from Princeton at


Feb 02, 2016No Comments878 Views

Winners l

Sequestration Blues

Mar 03, 2013No Comments1592 Views

So no one budged and we are going to cut government services, education, the military, health services for the poor, and on and on. Why? Because the Republicans in the House of Representatives would rather destroy

What We Need In A Pope

Mar 03, 20131 Comment2279 Views

There are all sorts of surveys right now among Catholics world-wide concerning what the faithful should be looking for in the next Pope. How about a woman? How about someone who cares about the emotional and

Job Opening At Vatican, Umbrella A Must

Feb 12, 20131 Comment5721 Views

So Pope Ratzinger the First can’t stand the heat enough to stay in the kitchen, eh? This is the same guy who made it possible for untold thousands of priests to sexually abuse children in Catholic


Jan 31, 20132 Comments2512 Views

More housework, less sex for married men: study – FRANCE 24 More housework, less sex for married men: study – FRANCE 24 Sex should never be used as a “reward” it should be desired by both


Jan 30, 20132 Comments2408 Views

A great film. Women in horrible circumstances faces an oppressive government and drug cartels but they stay strong and become heroes in their communities. Made me feel grateful for the many blessing I have