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350 Sextortion Victims

Jan 30, 2013No Comments1971 Views

Man charged in ‘sextortion’ case targeted 350 women, feds say – A Glendale man faces more than two dozen charges in a so-called "sextortion case" after allegedly hacking into social media and e-mail accounts of


Jan 30, 2013No Comments2400 Views

An Ohio woman who was seeking an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend was brutally assaulted by the man inside a Domestic Relations courtroom last week, an attack that was recorded by a surveillance camera. As


Taking Action In Her Community

Jan 23, 2013No Comments1481 Views

Non-Profit Seeks to Benefit Women in Need – Community News – The Llano News – Llano, Texas Non-Profit Seeks to Benefit Women in Need — After six years of thinking about it, Rhonda Herridge has decided


Jan 21, 20133 Comments2650 Views

Bishop Larry Trotter in bath with granddaughter sparks outrage Chicago preacher Bishop Larry Trotter, posted a photo of himself in bath with his granddaughter to Instagram. It sparked off a storm of rage and debate about



Jan 21, 20131 Comment1730 Views

‘Adventurous human woman’ wanted to give birth to Neanderthal man by Harvard professor | Mail Online George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School, believes he can bring back Neanderthals after more than 33,000 years


Publicly Shame Your Kids…That's t...

Dec 23, 20122 Comments644 Views

As the mother of an 8-year-old who thinks she is entitled to everything, I can understand some parents’ frustration when their kids are less than enthusiastic when opening up some gifts at Christmastime. However, to publicly

Bushmaster Fever

Dec 20, 2012No Comments708 Views

The Bushmaster rifle, the weapon alledgedly used in the mass murder of children in Newtown, Connecticut last week, has been disappearing rapidly from gun store shelves. Customers are buying Bushmasters so fast that the stores are

John Boehner and the fiscal cliff

Dec 14, 2012No Comments513 Views

House speaker John Boehner met with President Obama today to discuss the looming deadline to avoid the fiscal cliff. Boehner argues that raising taxes on high-income earners “will hurt small businesses”. CNNMoney interviewed small business owners.



Dec 13, 20121 Comment980 Views

Girl gang called the Bad Barbies on loose in Bronx – Mattel doesn’t make dolls like this. There’s a new gang in town — a sinister group of hellions wreaking havoc across The Bronx. And

Screw The Bare Essentials

Dec 11, 20121 Comment794 Views

Please, please stop pushing those breathless design articles on us, the ones featuring trendy new 425 square foot apartments made from reconfigured elevator shafts. Don’t bother showing us how cool it is to have your bed