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Ranger kills self to avoid another tour

Aug 25, 2011No Comments517 Views

Once again, our troops are suffering from PSTD and are not getting the treatment they require and deserve. We have soliders suffering from injuries sutained during battle, and here an example of a man who chose

Husband defends baby-dropping wife

Aug 25, 2011No Comments429 Views

A man is defending his baby dropping-wife. You kidding me?

New York Screws Lifeguard

Aug 23, 20112 Comments509 Views

New York has decided to screw lifguard Mike Lester. They have demanded he wear a speedo. He refused, saying, after 40 years, he should be allowed to wear what he wants. Why does New York think

Strauss-Kahn prosecutors seek to drop charg...

Aug 22, 2011No Comments361 Views Maid lied and he lost everything.

he sexts, she sexts.. who does it more

Aug 21, 20112 Comments423 Views

so let me get this straight when it comes to sext texts.. its NOT okay that anthony wiener and tiger woods sext women and show their private parts.. but it IS okay for rihanna.. vanessa hudgens

When Is this airhead's time up?

Aug 19, 20112 Comments555 Views

Christine O’donnell gets another 15 minutes in the limelight, now that she has written a book about her run for US Senate. She walked off Piers Morgan’s show because he asked her, about her views for

Toddlers-Tiaras: Disgusting

Aug 18, 2011No Comments614 Views

What the hell are these women thinking! What if there was a show about fathers giving steroids to their very young sons and making them play baseball for hours each day? Us men would be hung,

sexy bras for 4 year-olds?

Aug 18, 2011No Comments368 Views

This is just wrong. What is wrong with the WOMEN involved in this type of marketing? They – more than anyone else – should know how wrong this is. full story:

Bachman is an idiot

Aug 17, 2011No Comments410 Views

this woman is an idiot.


Aug 16, 2011No Comments800 Views