Sore Winners and Suckers

December 13, 2016

By now you’ve probably run into the ‘sore winner’ syndrome more than once. Not only has Donald Trump become President Elect because of the insanity of our country having an Electoral College rather than going by the popular vote (which Hillary won by over 2.5 million votes), but we are now being treated to the nasty, mean-spirited viciousness of his followers. They won, they tell you, so they can say all the stupid, racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-immigrant, illogical things they’ve been thinking all along. Permission has been granted for them to be who they’ve been all along, a basket of under-educated, bloviating suckers.

Yes, that’s right, suckers. People who don’t read newspapers, who have the attention span of newts, who follow FOX News and think they’re getting factual reporting, who vote (because they “just like him”) for the greatest con artist in American history, are now in the process of getting the country ripped out from under them and they don’t even know it. Unfortunately, they’ve taken down the rest of us with them.

Putin knew he could count on a weak GOP. He had in place a compliant but flamboyant showman who played the press like a violin as their preferred candidate. He probably had a lot of confidence in the fake news stories they were planting doing the job. The Russians had General Flynn and his son working for them in that capacity, Wikileaks, members of the FBI, and some high ranking members of the military sabotaging things from within. It’s very possible that, as Trump was losing interest in second wife Marla Maples, Melania was thrown his way as a gift from the Communists to sweeten the deal. Undeniably a great beauty, none too bright, compliant as hell, the daughter of the head of Slovenia’s communist Party, a supermodel of just the type that interests The Donald, she was put in his path at the perfect time. Paul Manafort, now under Federal investigation for being connected up the wazoo to many powerful Communist heads of state, wormed his way into the highest levels of the Trump campaign. But nothing helped Putin’s plans as much as the gullibility of under-educated white Americans who identified with the venal KellyAnne Conway and her ilk. She lied about any and everything, and they bought it.

Who could have foreseen the cupidity, the brazen bigotry, the hatefulness of this working-class mob? All abuzz and frenzied by what they saw as their chance to take back the power that straight white and mostly Christian males held until the last twenty years, they jumped on the Trump bandwagon the way flies automatically find their way to fresh dog feces, feeding on filth, greed, and hatred, and really enjoying the taste of  it. And they won.

And now what? How will they feel when they realized they’ve been duped, that their medical coverage will end, Social Security will be gone, Medicare will be over, their kids will no longer have a local school, that their water and air will be poisoned, that their jobs will not be saved but will be sent out, eliminated, or taken over by robots? Who will they blame then? Not themselves, that’s for sure. They will be in denial about how stupid they’ve been, how easily fooled they were. They will try to blame Obama in absentia, immigrants, gays, Liberals, and godless New Yorkers. But they will still be what they always were, rude, ignorant, gullible suckers. Now they’ll just be out of work and out of luck as well. As Trump famously said, “I love the poorly educated!” And just for the record, he didn’t mean that either. Suckers…

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