Supporter of Israel or Anti-Semite?

December 28, 2016

Does anyone else out there get a neck ache from watching Trump bounce back and forth in his actions toward Israel and Jewish Americans? First he appoints as his right-hand man, and I emphasize the ‘right’ part, Steve Bannon from Bartbreit, an anti-Semitic organization if there ever was one, a champion of the so-called “alt-right,” better known to anyone who’s followed their history as white supremacists. As we speak, they’re organizing an anti-Jewish rally in Whitefish, Montana, scheduled for the second weekend in January. They’re bringing in skinheads and aiming to damage and intimidate Jews in their homes and businesses. Nice, right?

Then Trump goes ahead and gives the green light for Jewish settlements on Palestinian land to the extreme right wing of Israel. Is this meant to help Israel, or hurt it in the eyes of the world? There’s already so much tension that you can pluck the situation like a violin string, so why would Trump purposely create more? Is he trying to start a war in the Middle East, and if he is, to what purpose? It’s certainly not in Israel’s best interest to keep building settlements. It destroys any hope of a two state solution or the Palestinian’s right of return. It turns the rest of the world against them. Is that the whole idea?

Yes, we already know that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is Jewish, that his daughter converted, and that his pick for Ambassador to Israel is a Jewish right-wing hardliner, but then there’s the Breitbart issue. There’s the embrace of Netanyahu juxtaposed with his mud-in-the-eye approach to the Muslim faith. Does this man have any idea what he’s doing, or is he simply throwing everything up in the air to see where it will land? Is there any thought behind this, or is this madness dressed up as policy?

No matter where things land, it will be a disaster. We are now at the whim of a bloviating, grandiose, ignorant madman. He has his finger on the trigger and his eye on his twitter feed. This is the recipe for a world war, for a nuclear meltdown, or at the very least a war in the middle east the likes of which we have never seen because of the potential for Russian involvement, and all because the millions of idiots who voted for this guy refused to heed the little child in the crowd clearly telling them that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes.

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