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The Social Wall

Dec 03, 20161 Comment1185 Views

Trump promised to build a wall, and he certainly has. It isn’t the wall everyone thought, though, a physical wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Secretary of Education Wants Child Labor La...

Nov 25, 2016No Comments1360 Views

Just when you thought Trump’s cabinet picks couldn’t get any worse, we have Betsy DeVos shoved down our collective craw as the new Secretary of

Why I'm a Liberal

Jan 07, 20124 Comments609 Views

I’ve about had it with the right wing calling educated, thinking people “liberals” as if that’s a bad word. Jesus was a liberal, folks. He

Economic Ignoramus

Oct 14, 20114 Comments765 Views

The average American is an economic ignoramus, if a report of a study by the Commerce Department of the previous administration still holds, and the