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Women Must Say No To 1968

Nov 14, 2016No Comments443 Views

Remember 1968? No? Well, a lot of us do. We have children who are 48 years old because there was no birth control available to

Rape of Lucretia Still Resonates

Oct 14, 20161 Comment1800 Views

In the sixth century BC Rome was a small city ruled by kings, its poor subjugated and overworked in building projects instituted by the city’s


Sep 15, 20121 Comment447 Views

Mandy Patinkin Regrets Criminal Minds: It Was Destructive to My Soul – seattlepi.com During a recent interview with New York Magazine, Patinkin opened up about

NY Anchor Accused of Rape

Jan 27, 2012No Comments722 Views

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hidhsKtLI4 Greg Kelly, the co-anchor of the WNYW/Channel 5 morning newscast Good Day New York, has been accused of rape by a woman who claims

Fems Too Big For Liquor Board

Dec 09, 2011No Comments342 Views

Pa. liquor board pulls ad on heavy drinking, rape – Yahoo! News From Yahoo! News: An ad meant to warn young adults about the links

Afgahn Rape Is Nightmare For Victim

Dec 02, 20112 Comments288 Views

It doesn’t seem possible that things could get any worse for the 19 year old Afghani woman who was origanally sentenced to three years in

Men Raped For Sperm

Nov 30, 2011No Comments531 Views

***UPDATE **Zimbabwe The women charged with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault, went on trial today in a case that has shocked the country. Police

Bieber Update

Nov 02, 2011No Comments484 Views

Update: 11/3/11 Justin Bieber fired back with blanket denials that he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby boy. Mariah Yeater In response, a representative

Scales of Justice Off Again

Oct 28, 20112 Comments422 Views

If a male high school teacher was convicted of having sex with five of his female students, do you think he would be able to

She Meant Well?

Oct 27, 20112 Comments528 Views

The college student who concocted a terrible rape lie to highlight the problems of safety for women:In 1990, Mariam Kashani, a 19-year-old sophomore and feminist