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Immigrants and Private Prisons

Feb 24, 20171 Comment2062 Views

Never has the expression “Follow the money” been more true than when assessing the actions of Donald J. Trump. You can’t count on much with

The Cowardly Ryan: If He Only Had A Heart

Feb 18, 2017No Comments4751 Views

How much more villainy must Trump perpetrate on our country before House Majority Leader Paul Ryan says, “Enough is enough!”? Is there anything Trump can

Invading Mexico

Jan 26, 2017No Comments1571 Views

Okay, laugh if you must, but remember that Female Outrage was the first to tell you that Mitt Romney would not be Secretary of State,

Supporter of Israel or Anti-Semite?

Dec 28, 2016No Comments2074 Views

Does anyone else out there get a neck ache from watching Trump bounce back and forth in his actions toward Israel and Jewish Americans? First

The Pandemic of Dread

Dec 17, 2016No Comments1658 Views

I believe that we are indeed experiencing collective trauma, at least among our Progressive friends and colleagues. We arise every morning later than we ever

Trump Knew All Along

Dec 15, 2016No Comments1703 Views

And now we are able to look back and realize that Trump absolutely knew that Russia was hacking the DNC and trying to influence our

Our Sec”y Of State Prediction

Dec 08, 2016No Comments717 Views

Okay, it’s not going to be Mitt Romney. This was just an exercise in public humiliation, getting him to crawl on all fours to Trump

Chess With The Trumps

Nov 27, 2016No Comments874 Views

One thing we know for sure about people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that they are motivated as much by revenge as anything else. They

Trouble At The Dascha

Oct 08, 2016No Comments720 Views

“Vladmir, Vladmir, why the long face?” “Didn’t you hear the Vice Presidential Debate the other night, Boris? That Pence guy called me, Vladmir Putin, a