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The Loss Of White Entitlement

Oct 09, 2017No Comments936 Views

A remarkable interview appeared yesterday on a daily news show. A White Southern male holding a Confederate flag was defending his great-grandfather’s participation on the

Women Must Say No To 1968

Nov 14, 2016No Comments444 Views

Remember 1968? No? Well, a lot of us do. We have children who are 48 years old because there was no birth control available to

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Oct 22, 2016No Comments857 Views

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the Republican platform is the so-called Pro-Life agenda that this party is shoving down the throat and up the

Celebrating "Black Friday"

Nov 18, 2011No Comments428 Views

Today is a great day to celebrate “Black Friday”, that fateful day in 1910 in which British women took to the streets outside Parliament to

Women As Slaves In Saudi World

Sep 30, 2011No Comments521 Views

Are you kidding me? A woman has just been sentenced to 10, count them 10 lashes for the crime of Driving While Woman. King Abdullah

Nightmare in Saudi Arabia

Sep 30, 2011No Comments580 Views

A woman has just been sentenced to 10 lashes for driving a car in Saudi Arabia. Driving a car! And this less than a week

It's Good To Be King

Sep 29, 2011No Comments523 Views

Saudi King Abdullah Grants Women The Right to Vote. Saudi King Abdullah did a good thing for women’s rights and gender equality. We applaud him

Someone shot a sea lion! BASTARD!

Sep 07, 20112 Comments610 Views

Some low life piece-of-crap shot a sea lion in Santa Monica. http://latimesb…ks-outrage.html