That Putz Puzder

December 9, 2016

Oh, come on, Donald, you’re joking, right? Okay, maybe not. After giving us a woman who hates public education as head of the Dept. of Education, a guy who doesn’t believe in climate change as head of the EPA, I suppose it was inevitable that you’d pick a guy who doesn’t believe in the minimum wage and wants to replace his fast food workers with robots to head up Dept. of Labor. We’re all hoping that one morning very soon we’ll wake up, turn on our favorite morning news show, and find out that this was all a joke or a bad dream. It isn’t though, is it? Your plan all along was to cut the legs out from under every Federal Agency you could get your filthy hands on, dismember the Federal Government, and sell our country off for parts!

A friend sent me a so-called joke on FaceBook back in September that had a picture of a young hooker standing at a bar offering to do unseemly things for a certain amount of money. The punch line was, “Oh, and which branch of the Feds do you work for?” At the time I told my friend how unfunny this was to me. It had obviously been sent around by right-wing anti-government Republicans as part of the plan to discredit Federal Agencies. She couldn’t imagine what I was so upset about, but I saw it as the next victim of derogatory humor in a long line of public shaming.  Send around enough jokes, my friends, and the public begins to normalize the mocking of whoever is the brunt of these jokes. Remember Polack jokes, and Jewish jokes that circulated in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s, the N—-r jokes and Wop jokes that were so popular at cocktail parties in this country until the 1980’s? Remember all the Post Office jokes that preceded the Republican Congress creating a new rule for them that forces the Post Office to fund pensions and healthcare for their workers 75 years out, basically for people who haven’t been born yet? (Hint: Republican Rep. Darryl Issa and a number of his colleagues are huge shareholders of Fedex and UPS.) These negative humor campaigns all gave the public permission to hold selected groups in contempt, to laugh about their mistreatment at the hands of a mean-spirited majority, so it was no surprise that, having won this election, the right wing feels free to go after the Federal Government and Federal workers big time.

Andrew Puzder is the head of Carls Jr., and Carl’s All Stars, places where his employees working full time earn $18,000 a year, less than he apparently makes in one day, yet he still dreams of replacing them with robots so he doesn’t have to pay health care, overtime, disability if they’re hurt on the job, or treat them as if they were humans. He thinks they earn too much! His own employees have to live on food stamps to survive! These are jobs that used to be held by teenagers to earn extra money. Now heads of households, full grown adults, are trying to keep it together on these jobs as people like Donald Trump send their manufacturing overseas. So who the hell is this putz, anyway? He’s the answer to Donald Trump’s dream of replacing thinking, caring, experienced agency heads with know-nothing, elitist, uber-rich, worker-despising morons, that’s who.

All of you Republican-voting worker bees out there, the ones whose kids attend public schools, who depend on blue collar jobs to keep a roof over your heads, who thought that Donald J. Trump was going to bring back good jobs and toss out “them foreigners” so you could pick strawberries and tomatoes in the hot sun instead, there’s a new name for you now.  SUCKERS!

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