The Beautiful March

January 23, 2017

Dear Friends~
It was a magical day. Here in Seattle 175,000 like-minded people, not just women, either, came out to speak up. There were children, and the elderly, supportive men, and a world of women in pink hats. The signs said everything we wanted to say, but our smiles and good will said more.

And we marched all day for many miles with nary a complaint to be heard. We waved at the very helpful police on motorcycles, bicycles, and on foot and they waved back. The firemen waved from their station balcony, and we blew them kisses and waved back. It began as a day of frustration that developed into a demonstration of love.

We at FemaleOutrage were there, so proud to be a part of this city and this country. Thank you all for turning out, for showing backbone and awesome knitting chops (so many hand-knitted hats!), and for being kind and decent human beings who are willing to put yourselves out there to make our country the kind of place that unites us, not divides us. Bless you all!

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