The Cowardly Ryan: If He Only Had A Heart

February 18, 2017

How much more villainy must Trump perpetrate on our country before House Majority Leader Paul Ryan says, “Enough is enough!”? Is there anything Trump can do that will help Mr. Ryan to grow a backbone, inspire him to put country before party, shame him, keep him up at night, or awaken him to the danger our country is now in?

Even he had to publicly admit that Trump’s comments during the campaign were, in his own words, “the very definition of racism.” Yet somehow he was able to overlook the grabbing of women’s bodies against their will, the daily lies, the beating down of the free press, the bloviating, the denigrating of John McCain as a true war hero, the mocking of a handicapped reporter, the disrespect Trump showed for a Gold Star Family, for comparing our American Intelligence Service to Nazis, and on and on. The conflicts of interest didn’t even make him flinch, let alone comment.

Now, however, we are seeing even greater offenses and possibly treason. Hearing Ryan berate those American heroes who have been leaking to the press and the public the nefarious behavior of Flynn and possibly Trump concerning sanctions against Russia is terrifying. Watching Trump fawn all over Vladmir Putin and our old foe Russia, while pretending to be “tough on Russia,” was stomach-churning to anyone who loves this country. Hearing Ryan call those leaks “highly illegal,” knowing all the while that this current administration is leading our country away from democracy and into an autocracy from which there may be no turning back, is beyond disheartening. At best it is the kind of selfish partisanship that makes men appear small in the rear view mirror of history. At worst it is the work of a cowardly traitor to this nation. The Cowardly Ryan needs to grow more than a heart. He needs a spine and perhaps a brain.

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