The Social Wall

December 3, 2016

Trump promised to build a wall, and he certainly has. It isn’t the wall everyone thought, though, a physical wall between the U.S. and Mexico. No, it’s a wall between Progressives and the ignorant masses who have followed Trump sheep-like into the very pen from which they will eventually be led to their own social and economic demise. They have gleefully voted against their own interests time and again, as the rest of us have stood in horror watching them drag our democracy into the abyss .

Who are these Trump voters, anyway, and what do we really know about them? We’ve heard from just about every Republican and every Trump spokesperson that “the American people are angry.” We’re American people too, and we’re not angry, so we have to ask ourselves: what are they angry about? Jobs? That seems strange, given that our unemployment is at 4.6% right now, the lowest it’s been since 2007. True, the days of coal are over, just as the days of saddlery and horse-shoeing ended as solid career choices when the automobile arrived on the scene. These jobs will not come back, not because they’ve been shipped anywhere, but because they have become pretty much obsolete in the face of our progress toward clean energy sources.

Are they angry about Obamacare? You bet, but millions and millions of people are now covered who were without any form of insurance before because of poverty, pre-existing conditions, or being too old to be on their parents’ policies. Yes, it’s true that the premiums have gone up ridiculously, but who sets those premiums, the government or the insurance companies? Who’s been raising their prices and gouging? The insurance companies, the drug companies, and the hospitals, that’s who. Not Obamacare. Sure there are things which must be tweaked and fixed to make it work better, but for many, many people it’s been a lifesaver, and unless we’re all in it, it can’t work. To try and run a program like this without mandates is an automatic fail, and we’re back where we started, with the poor running to the emergency rooms that the public pays for anyway with their taxes.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had this in place, and the Republicans still haven’t come up with a health care plan of their own, so what’s the answer? Is being angry helpful or creative?

Of course, the Trump voters were outraged that Hillary used the wrong email server, even though no harm ensued whatsoever, but seem fine with General Petraeus being considered for Secretary of State despite his conviction for giving out state secrets to his mistress. The man is still on parole! And they’re not the least bit angry about, and find nothing wrong with, cabinet picks that are simply Orwellian, the new Secretary of Education being a woman who has spent her life trying to destroy public education and roll back child labor laws, for example These will be their own white working class kids denied a decent education and sent into the mines, not the kids of the rich, mind you. How about the head of the Environmental Protection Agency being the guy who doesn’t believe in climate change or any kind of anti-pollution enforcement? Are they angry about having clean air and water? How can these people defend their stance on these issues?

Trump voters don’t think they have to because they don’t even understand that there’s a disconnect here. Why? I hate to say it, but someone has to. They are stupid. Let me say it again. They are tragically stupid, and they are willfully ignorant. They haven’t read a paper in years, if ever. They are not well-educated and, like their leader, scorn books and those who read them. They ‘feel’ rather than think. Like Trump, they believe that they can merely go with their gut on complicated issues. They believe in their own mental superiority even though they have nothing with which to back up that belief. They also feel racially, religiously, and nationalistically superior. And now they have been led to believe that Trump and those who feel as he does have been handed a “mandate,” permission to misbehave and act out in ways which many of us thought and hoped were a thing of the past. Never mind that Hillary now has over two and a half million more votes than Trump in the popular vote count. The Trump followers are committing hate crimes, bullying, and feeling entitled to act this way based on false information and an inflated feeling of self-importance. Trump has made being a “sore winner” into something acceptable. Gloating is not just okay, it’s fun!  If you don’t believe it, just watch Trump’s “Thank You Tour,” the most disgusting display of self-congratulations this country has ever seen, given full coverage by every news station in America. No wonder these morons believe it.

The worst part is that a Trump supporter could be the guy next to you in the produce department squeezing the grapefruit, your cousin, your hairdresser, your brother or sister, and you won’t know it until something so incredibly glib and stupid falls from their lips that you will flinch, thus giving yourself away. They will sense that you are a thinking person rather than a ‘feeling’ one. They may suddenly see that you are not one of the torch-and-pitchfork-waving mob, but a wine-drinking, French-speaking, college educated, questioning (OMG) LIBERAL, and therefore not patriotic and definitely un-Christian. Your values will be questioned. They will flaunt their MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN red baseball caps by wearing them to family gatherings and your daughter’s wedding. Holidays, haircuts, and picking up your dry-cleaning will become a nightmare, and you will still not be prepared for the casual racial slurs that are now slipping into conversation these days. There will be a wall so wide and high between your world and their world that there will be no way to share anything other than aerial fireworks on the Fourth of July. You may be tempted to toss an encyclopedia across the divide, but don’t bother. No one will read it. In another few years the folks  in TrumpWorld won’t even be able to identify it.

This is who we are then. We are the ones on the other side of the wall.  When Trump said ,” I love the poorly educated,” he wasn’t kidding.  He’s built a brave new world where wrong is right, truth is the same as a lie, and facts and fiction cannot exist together. You’ve gotta hand it to the guy, though.  He certainly knows his customers.


  1. You know, I am getting a bit tired of hearing about all these poor people in the rust states who have lost their livelihoods and that’s why the vote the way they do. Do you really think that people in blue states have never lost jobs, lost homes, lost opportunities? I’ve been homeless before, I’ve had to figure out how to feed children on food stamps, I’ve suddenly lost a job I depended upon with nothing else in sight– I’ve lived on pancake mix and canned plums for a couple months. People in blue states aren’t all microsofties! But it never occurred to me that the answer was to unravel programs so we could see more mentally ill living under bridges, that the way out was to get more smog in our cities and open our prairies to the welfare cowboys so we can recreate the dust bowl! Losing a job, losing income is a trauma many people in both red and blue states have experienced, but in blue states we don’t react by deciding that therefore we really need a supreme court dedicated to keeping all young women barefoot and pregnant!

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