The Stupid Vote

November 13, 2016

Okay, the election is over, and the post mortem has begun. It’s hard to list all the incredibly stupid things that were said and done on both sides, but we really must, at least some of them. First let’s look at the Trump voters.

Ah, the Trump World View…Hillary is so dishonest and corrupt. And why did this view prevail? Because The Donald kept telling them it was so. Yes, she made a mistake by using her personal email server, for which she said a decent mea culpa and survived a congressional grilling that stopped just short of water boarding. Never mind that Colin Powell and Condi Rice did the exact same thing. Suddenly it was Hillary’s cardinal sin, and was worthy of a prison sentence. And no one was hurt, insulted, nothing was lost, nothing was hacked, and that’s pretty much the end of the story. Forgotten was all the great work she did on behalf of women and children in this country over the 30 year course of her lifetime. If she did a good thing it was forgotten. If she stood next the the person who did something less good it became her fault. According to the Republicans, she should have jumped out of bed in the middle of the night with an AK47 strapped across her chest, parachuted into Libya, and saved those four people in the embassy and the CIA trained operatives across town, damn it! Oh, and she and Obama shouldn’t have started ISIS, either. What???

Then we heard that she and Bill had become millionaires through corruption and the evil Clinton Foundation. Or might it have been because they wrote many best-selling books, gave paid speeches as all successful people politicians do, and created a foundation that has helped millions and millions of poor people all over the world? Did the Trump supporters Google this foundation to learn about what it’s done to prevent HIV and treat diseases throughout the Third World? Well, no….Would it have been better if Bill and Hillary’s parents had been bootleggers and pimps in the American West as had Trump’s, thus giving them a $14million leg up? Hmm?  Or perhaps they should have opened businesses that defrauded thousands, built casinos that went belly up, started a so-called “university”  that defrauded students, refused to pay their bills, gone bankrupt four times, done business with Russia and Communist Cuba despite the embargo, used their foundation to pay their court expenses like Donald did, and not pay taxes for 30 years. Give me a break.

We heard from women who “just don’t like her.” Really? Was she running to be your best friend or your president? There are certainly plenty of women who view any other female as a potential rival, who are envious of Hillary’s incredible brain and education, and who show little or no compassion for a woman who has been through Hell in her marriage but who nevertheless hung in there. Was Hillary a serial adulterer or sexual predator? Where were those oft-touted Family Values we hear so much about, hmm? And then there are the women who seem to want other women to “pay the piper” for having sex by giving birth to unwanted babies, but who don’t care what happens to those babies once they’re born…see, women can be hypocritical, mean, and stupid too.

And now on to the Democrats. Thank you Debbie Wasserman- Schultz for making believe that Bernie was a weird outsider, abusing him and his campaign every chance you got, and turning away the Millenial voters. We had in Bernie a smart, honest, likeable candidate who beat Trump in every poll by huge numbers, but no, the DNC had to marginalize him.

Let’s give a big hand to the media who treated every disgusting thing out of Trump’s mouth as if it were a circus performance, who gave him more free air time than the President got in eight years so that Trump’s campaign paid virtually nothing during the primaries while he became the star of American living rooms, not from reality TV, but from CNN and the like. And thank you to all the talking heads who, in their search for a false equivalence, consistently tried to equate using the wrong email server with the enormity of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, abusing the military and gold star families, making fun of the handicapped, being a sexual predator, and outright lying 75% of the time! You knew better, but Trump was ratings gold and you went for it. Thanks. You knew that his Russian connections were treasonous, didn’t you, but you still allowed Kellyanne and the rest of the Trumpettes to lie their heads off without stopping them, making it seems as if things were still under control, normal even. Well, they weren’t, and now God help us.

Thank you to all the Obama voters who saw their rights and opportunities heading for the nearest drain and thought, “I’m not voting for that stuck-up White Woman.” And let’s not forget those voters who decided to support Gary Johnson, a moron who didn’t know anything about anything but still appealed because…why??? Dear God, are people that stupid? Why, yes, apparently they are.

And then we have the pollsters and pundits who kept talking about “college educated White voters” and “non-college educated voters” as if anyone who hadn’t attended his share of frat parties must be stupid. People do listen, you dimwits, and working people clearly heard the distinction you were making over and over again. By the way, I’d like to see the average college grad with an English Lit degree operate a 600 acre farm, repair tractors, raise livestock, or repair a jet engine. We must stop denigrating all types of work, diverse and difficult work, the work that makes this nation run smoothly every single day.

And there’s so much more. There are the people who heard only what they wanted to hear, who didn’t read a book or the papers, who didn’t pay attention to what Trump was really saying or how it will hurt this nation in a thousand ways starting on day one. There were the racists who think they now have permission to act like pigs. There are the religious hypocrites who want everyone to be just as they are and believe the same way, love the same way, and want the same things. There are the gun nuts who fear the loss of their precious firearms even though no one has ever taken away one gun in this country. Ever.

It goes on and on. Have we mentioned those who keep claiming that there is voter fraud despite the fact that it really doesn’t exist? And those who think climate change is a hoax? How can thinking people combat these idiotic ideas? What will it take? Any ideas? I’m fresh out, but I know we’d better find the answer, and find it fast.

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