The Trump Effect On Little Girls

October 10, 2016

Already we are getting reports of schoolgirls being bullied in the style of Donald Trump, being called “fat pigs” and worse, ridiculed for the way they look, and demeaned in general. This pales, however, before what we will undoubtedly see next from boys who may never have been exposed to certain words and actions concerning female genitalia before now. Suddenly the forbidden words are everywhere, the actions which any thinking adult knows to be sexual assault being excused as “locker room talk.”

As mothers and women, we know from sad experience where this will lead. Our girls will be targets for this inexcusable behavior by boys who have every reason to think that, if the man running for president says it and does it, it must be okay.

It is not okay. It is not locker room talk, either. It is the crudest, vilest braggadocio from a man who is a sexual predator and a stalker of women. To support Donald Trump is to give permission to men and boys in America to target women and girls, and then joke about it. After all, Donald Trump is the new role model for the American Right and the Republican Party. It must be just fine, right? Right??

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