Trump Knew All Along

December 15, 2016

And now we are able to look back and realize that Trump absolutely knew that Russia was hacking the DNC and trying to influence our elections. From a psychological perspective we’ve long been able to observe Trump’s very consistent need to project everything of a nefarious nature that he himself has done onto others. When he was accused of being a sexual predator by no less than sixteen women his answer to these accusations was to call Hillary Clinton, based on nothing at all, a sexual predator. When it was noted that he consistently made racist remarks and had a history of denying people of color the opportunity to live in his apartment buildings, he called Hillary Clinton, a woman who has fought for equal rights her entire life, a racist. No matter what he’s been caught doing, he has managed to project his worst attributes onto those he perceives as his enemies and/or rivals.

This has made Trump’s motivations and modus operandi more and more transparent. His need for revenge, for example, drives many of his decisions, and hinted early on that Mitt Romney would be made to grovel for approval and then denied a seat at the table. In the same vein, his inherent compulsion to reveal his own sins told us clearly that he already knew that the Russians had hacked, or were attempting to hack, Hillary Clinton’s emails in order to influence the election. No matter what he has attempted to shake off by throwing these accusations on others, it has always, ultimately, come back to his need to reveal and externalize his own actions.

Donald J. Trump has invited the agents of a foreign government, enemies of the United States of America, to illegally hack another candidate for the Presidency. He has been privy to the spread of disinformation by this government. He has been aware and has benefited from Russia’s interference in our elections. Now he is denying the Russian involvement by discrediting all of our intelligence services and the free press of this nation. By his very derision toward these agencies we can measure his guilt and complicity in this matter. This is beyond unacceptable. This is treason.

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