Whose Life Is It Anyway?

October 22, 2016

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the Republican platform is the so-called Pro-Life agenda that this party is shoving down the throat and up the uterus of American women. They are so proud of this, one female Republican Congresswoman proudly declaring yesterday that she is a ‘no exceptions’ pro-life candidate, making her even more Tea Party appropriate than her colleagues.

We would like you to consider for a moment what this could mean in your life and in the lives of your daughters, nieces, and friends. Here’s a scenario to consider:

You are tremendously excited about your pregnancy and have done everything right, from taking prenatal vitamins and eating well to preparing a beautiful nursery. Your friends and family are excited as well. Everything looks good and you are soon going to be a mother.

In your seventh month you start to bleed, and the bleeding doesn’t stop. In fact, you are becoming weakened from blood loss, dizzy, and you feel a strange pain in the general area of your uterus. Your husband rushes you into the emergency room and the doctors take another look at how things are developing with the pregnancy. They are shocked by what they see. Somehow the fetus has developed abnormally and the doctors are convinced that, even if the child is born, it will die in a few hours or be horribly deformed, no head, no heart, whatever. The worst part is that you, the mother, are going to bleed out and die in a few minutes or hours if that deformed fetus isn’t removed. What???

This isn’t what you and your husband had planned. Not only will you not have a healthy baby, but you, a formerly healthy, happy woman, will die within a very short time unless something is done almost immediately. You turn to your husband, who is holding your hand in the ER, and he says:

“I’m so sorry, Honey. I’d love to give permission to have this fetus taken out of you, but I’m a ‘no exception’ pro-life Republican, so let’s say goodbye for now. It’s been great. I hope my next wife is as swell as you’ve always been. And don’t worry, I’ll hold a funeral for the fetus as soon as it dies, just as Mike Pence told us we should.”

Think it can’t happen? Please think again. If the Republicans have their way, women will lose Roe v. Wade, the opportunity to decide about their lives, their bodies, and will be once again treated as children in a man’s world. Women will need permission to have an abortion or save their own lives. This is where we came from, and just because you may be too young to remember it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen and that we can’t fall right back there. Is this scenario meant to scare you? I certainly hope that it does. Some of us remember quite well what it was like before feminists worked day and night to get us the rights that we think we can’t possibly lose again. There was no access to birth control. There was no access to safe and legal abortions. Women died in childbirth at an astonishing rate. This is what No Exceptions means. Is this what we really want?

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