Women As Leaders, Not BFFs

October 11, 2016

Dear American Women:
If we hear another of you say, “But I don’t really like Hillary. She’s too stern, too serious…”we will scream. We’re not looking for someone to invite to sleepovers, or spend the evening with doing tequila shooters. We’re electing a President of the United States here. We need someone as smart, committed, tough, and experienced as we can possibly get, and Hillary is arguably the most qualified person in the history of this great nation to run for this office in every aforementioned category.

Remember Golda Meir who led Israel through some of its most difficult times? Not exactly warm and fuzzy, was she? No one invited Margaret Thatcher to an evening of pizza and beer when she ran Great Britain, either. There’s a reason she was called ‘The Iron Lady.’

So let’s cut the crap about Hillary’s ‘likeability’ factor. We don’t need another best friend. We need a leader of the free world, and if she happens to be a brilliant, serious woman, so much the better for all of us.

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