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The Loss Of White Entitlement

Oct 09, 2017No Comments1567 Views

A remarkable interview appeared yesterday on a daily news show. A White Southern male holding a Confederate flag was defending his great-grandfather’s participation on the Confederate side in the Civil War to a Black man, a

San Diego, Calif. Family members reunite through bars and mesh of the U.S.-Mexico border fence at Friendship Park on November 17, 2013 in San Diego, Calif. The U.S. Border Patrol allows people on the American side to visit with friends and family through the fence on weekends, although under supervision from Border Patrol agents. Access to the fence from the Tijuana, Mexico side is 24/7. Deportation and the separation of families is a major theme in the immigration reform debate.

Immigrants and Private Prisons

Feb 24, 20171 Comment2160 Views

Never has the expression “Follow the money” been more true than when assessing the actions of Donald J. Trump. You can’t count on much with this guy, but he is consistent in only this one area.


The Cowardly Ryan: If He Only Had A Heart

Feb 18, 2017No Comments5695 Views

How much more villainy must Trump perpetrate on our country before House Majority Leader Paul Ryan says, “Enough is enough!”? Is there anything Trump can do that will help Mr. Ryan to grow a backbone, inspire


Invading Mexico

Jan 26, 2017No Comments1665 Views

Okay, laugh if you must, but remember that Female Outrage was the first to tell you that Mitt Romney would not be Secretary of State, but would be humiliated in the press first. Oh, and that


The Beautiful March

Jan 23, 2017No Comments1829 Views

Dear Friends~ It was a magical day. Here in Seattle 175,000 like-minded people, not just women, either, came out to speak up. There were children, and the elderly, supportive men, and a world of women in


Decent or Deplorable: The Great Divide

Jan 13, 2017No Comments1605 Views

How on earth did we get here? We are about to have a pathological liar as president, a man who very well may be a Russian asset. We have observed his narcissism, his verbal cruelty, his


The Sorting of America

Jan 04, 2017No Comments1679 Views

One of the most painful things about this last election cycle was the way polls were taken, dividing Americans into the Black community, the White working class, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBT community, and many other categories.


Supporter of Israel or Anti-Semite?

Dec 28, 2016No Comments2170 Views

Does anyone else out there get a neck ache from watching Trump bounce back and forth in his actions toward Israel and Jewish Americans? First he appoints as his right-hand man, and I emphasize the ‘right’


The Pandemic of Dread

Dec 17, 2016No Comments1737 Views

I believe that we are indeed experiencing collective trauma, at least among our Progressive friends and colleagues. We arise every morning later than we ever have, and with such a blackness of spirit that we frighten


Trump Knew All Along

Dec 15, 2016No Comments1781 Views

And now we are able to look back and realize that Trump absolutely knew that Russia was hacking the DNC and trying to influence our elections. From a psychological perspective we’ve long been able to observe